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Maybe it's just me
I'm probably being too sensitive, but after looking through comments on Fishbones Comic, I noticed that some of them tend to get very...um. Close to rude, but not quite.

I understand some characters were made to be hated, but I also wish some people would consider that Jisuk and I take time to create all the elements in the environment, including the easy-to-hate characters.

It's okay to hate them but I do wish some commenters would stop and think about how the writer/illustrator might feel when they comment.

...but then again I'm being super biased, because The Three Douches are my favorite, especially Paul.

Pop'n Pumpking

Hakusai drew Pumpking in Pop'n style (she's well known for drawing Vocaloid characters in Pop'n style a lot, especially on NicoDouga) and okenoruk made him sing "Sumidagawa Karenka" from "Pop'n Music 18".

Thank you!

Art by 白菜/mute

Pop'n Music 18: 隅田川夏恋歌 - Pumpking
(UST and mix by okenoruk)

I've been really busy since my job started about two weeks ago. So far, my schedule is pretty much like this:

6:00AM: Wake up, eat fast and go to school.
3:15PM: Come home, pour some coffee, and work on comic till 1AM and go to bed. I don't eat dinner anymore since it takes away a lot of my time drawing (and I need to lose weight).
Repeat /(^q^)\

I didn't really get much time to do what I wanted/needed during weekends because of unexpected events/family pulling me around to go clean out family grave, etc., but it's been very fun! In Reno I never had anything happening in my life, but suddenly I have a lot of things to work on that keeps me busy and active. I do admit that I only get few hours of sleep everyday and working with kids tires me out very, veeery much, but I hope my body will get used to it.

Yesterday after school, one of my school (I work at two schools) held a welcoming party for me. Everyone has been super nice, and all the teachers has been supportive. Also on May 3rd, I was told to attend a PTA event where we ride on ...harley boats? I don't really know what it's called, but it should be fun.

Oh, also I can Skype now! Please catch me anytime when I'm online, but I can only talk with mic now. Whenever I'm online, I'm usually drawing, so I need two hands to ink my pages. Sorry...

Richard comic part 3
I forgot I had these doodled before I went to Okinawa and had them in my files that I took with me, so I went ahead and scanned them.

Here is Richard's comic part one and two: http://gimmick.livejournal.com/102758.html#cutid1

Richard part 3Collapse )
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Webcomics Opened!
Yesterday, a webcomic I'm doing with Bittermause have finally opened. Please come and visit!


We can only update twice, biweekly, so I'm sorry for the slow start. However I'll try my best to keep getting better at this and try to catch up with each update.

Another comic that has already started in early March is:


This one, we update twice a week, and as many of you already know, Jisuk Cho is the original creator of the story.

I hope both comics will end up getting a lot of readers in the future. I'm looking forward to see how I can improve on both comics. Thank you everyone for helping us get the word ot there through twitter and links!

Donation to Japan
Jisuk and I have put together a donation wallpaper. If you're a fan of Fishbones, or a fan of saving lives, please donate to Japanese Red Cross:


I heard that American Red Cross and Nippon Unicef are not to be trusted, since both seem to spend their money poorly. Nippon Unicef also has no mention of sending their donation to Japan on their website.

I even saw people talking about making paper cranes to ship to Japan, but please don't bother with that. Your thoughts are appreciated, but they will only get in the way of necessary supplies being sent there.

AET & Note for Jisuk and Emily
So, I'm back in Okinawa and the reason I had to go immediately was to attend another interview for English teaching in Japanese school. I've already done one interview in Naha (& another randome one at dental clinic), and this one had more promise since Naha has highest competition rate in Okinawa.

The second interview I had was at Itoman, and they tested me with mock teaching session which later went onto an actual interview. I heard there were 12 others who went before me who were all well experienced teachers so I honestly had little hope of getting this one. However, right after the interview one of the teacher told me I did a lot better than the previous group and was surprised I didn't have any experience.

A day after that, I got a call from Naha saying that I got into the AET position, which was a huge surprise since my family and I assumed I failed it again. Right after that I got a call from Itoman, who also accepted me. Even though I told Itoman that I'll be going to work in Naha, they called me again on the same day and, get this, pretty much BEGGED me to work for them.

"You did 10 times better than anyone else on the interview, and one of the teacher said you are an ore that we'd like to polish up! We would love to have you work with us OMG."

I never, eeeever had anything like this happen to me before, let alone be begged. It tore me apart but by the next day, I had to decline their offer once again for Naha. Even though I would love to work for Itoman, Naha has:

High competition: who knows when I can get in again.
Higher Pay (sort of, not really if you count the hours).
It's where I live, so I don't have to worry about transportation too much.

Itoman is 20~40 minutes away, plus I have to work more days there than Naha. It's not much, but since I already have to do two webcomics at once, I need all the time I can get.

Speaking of Webcomics:

Jisuk - I'm slowly inking the remaining 6 pages. I might not get to finish all 7 pages on time, but I should be able to keep up with the update schedule...somehow.

Emily - Let's upload one page at a time. I don't see myself being able to finish an entire chapter by end of March, but it would be best if we start from Page One, and then upload Page Two, and go biweekly so I can try to catch up.

Sorry guys. It's been really busy for me here but I'm trying my best to work on your comic as planned. I won't be online as much as I used to so please email me if you have something to say; don't assume you can catch me on AIM.


Wish me Luck.

Thanks to everyone for giving me some advice on laptops. Right now my Cintiq/laptop is working again, but I still find myself encoutering some weird problems. Since money is really tight for me I'm going to keep working with these until I seriously need to buy myself a new PC.

I really, really hope my Cintiq is okay, and it's just the laptop...

Anyway, I got myself in another weird, messy situation that's been giving me a tight knot in my guts. I have to go back to Okinawa again until end of March, which is also a month that everything is due:

March 4th: Group project: fully colored 9+ illustration
March 11th: Fishbones comic, first 7 pages
March 25th: Freelance work
March 30th: First chapter of Gorge comic.

I haven't been able to start on the comics or the freelance work until I finish up the batch of illustrations due on the 4th, but I'm going to try and take my Cintiq,laptop, and scanner with me to Japan. I just hope they'll work when I'm there...

Please wish me luck, people who's wishes actually come true!

***By the way, does anyone know of a good way to carry scanner & Cintiq with you as check in? I can't really carry all three items with me as carry in, so I'm going to have to only take my laptop with me. I'm just worried someone will steal or break them if they are left in Check In luggage.

Geez, that sucks, Yuki.
Since I was away from Reno, tons of projects have been piling up and I was really looking forward to working on them. But once I came home to Reno, I've been colliding into one problem after another in regards to PC and internet, both I need sooo badly to keep in touch with people I work with and to draw whatever they need from me.

Today it was my own laptop that I need very badly to work on art, that decided to give me more issues. I was inking the first page of Fishbones on my Cintiq and then suddenly, the screen goes insane. After calling the customer service that didn't help me at all and plugging it into family PC, I realized it was my laptop that was having some display issues (I hope. Cintiq is insanly expensive).

So now I'm considering getting another laptop that's not too costly, but can work well with graphic artist, except I know nothing about PC. Absolutely nothing. If I had enough space in my room I would rather go for desktop PCs, but I really don't have much choice except to go with laptops.

Except I have no idea what I need to look for in a laptop when it comes to drawing on them. ...any tips or suggestion, anyone? Anyone?

Aside from all these I also have other issues going on at the back that's slowly eating away at my patience. I might have to leave for Okinawa again, but I don't know. I feel so jittery and I can't really think straight right now. (But my composure is still beautifully Zen as I flip some tables over in silent anger)

Going to Japan Again
I'm flying back to Okinawa again in 10 hours. I don't know if I'm making the right decision, but my stomach is already in a knot. I'll be flying back to Reno in February 15th. I wish I can draw there but I doubt it....



Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.Collapse )
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four things you want in a romantic partner.
Day Eight: Three of your favorite possessions.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life or yourself right now.
Day Ten: One confession