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Geez, that sucks, Yuki.
Since I was away from Reno, tons of projects have been piling up and I was really looking forward to working on them. But once I came home to Reno, I've been colliding into one problem after another in regards to PC and internet, both I need sooo badly to keep in touch with people I work with and to draw whatever they need from me.

Today it was my own laptop that I need very badly to work on art, that decided to give me more issues. I was inking the first page of Fishbones on my Cintiq and then suddenly, the screen goes insane. After calling the customer service that didn't help me at all and plugging it into family PC, I realized it was my laptop that was having some display issues (I hope. Cintiq is insanly expensive).

So now I'm considering getting another laptop that's not too costly, but can work well with graphic artist, except I know nothing about PC. Absolutely nothing. If I had enough space in my room I would rather go for desktop PCs, but I really don't have much choice except to go with laptops.

Except I have no idea what I need to look for in a laptop when it comes to drawing on them. ...any tips or suggestion, anyone? Anyone?

Aside from all these I also have other issues going on at the back that's slowly eating away at my patience. I might have to leave for Okinawa again, but I don't know. I feel so jittery and I can't really think straight right now. (But my composure is still beautifully Zen as I flip some tables over in silent anger)

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I'm a mac user but among my animator peers Sony's Vaio range are popular for their reliability and good spec. They seem to be able to function under the weight of having Photoshop, Flash and After Effects all open at the same time with massive files while animating hand-drawn in Flash so after that I recon they must be decent at least.

Yeah, I keep hearing Sony Vaio over and over again when it comes to "laptop for graphic artists". I'm going to keep my eye out on it, except those things are way over my budget. WOn't hurt to start saving though.

Thank you so much, danars, you're always generous with your comments and advice!

No problem!

No matter what you do, don't go with a HP laptop. They're what made me move to mac. They're prone to overheating and turning off without warning: last one I had used to get so hot you could fry eggs on the touchpad.
Then my housemate got one in August that had she had to send back to the factory after a month for repair; something to do with them putting more hard drive in it than the machine could actually handle or something ridiculous like that. And for an extra kick in the teeth, after about a year the battery life dwindles down to roughly about the time it takes a kettle to boil.

I am sad I have no laptop advice. D: GOOD LUCK. *a hugs*

It's okay, I'm in the same pot of knowledge when it comes to PC. Thanks, though!

Well try and pick up as much memory and processor power as you can manage. I'd say 4 gb ram at least and a quad core processor. I have heard good things about the vaio.
The one most essential piece of advice is to do a google search for forums on the model you plan to purchase. I got a laptop as a gift and then found out about chronic overheating problems that plagued that particular model.

And the latest version of windows.

I'll try, and I think most PC comes in latest Windows already. I'm using Windows 7, and it works a lot better than Vista so far.

Thanks for your advice! I think I'll keep my eye out for a decently proced Sony Vaio.

The laptop I use is a HP Touchsmart TM-2 ( ), where you can draw directly on the screen.. I would suggest that sort of PC for you, except that would nullify your Cintiq's function...

Both my laptop and desktop PC costed in the price range of 800-900 dollars each, which is a considerably decent price for having great function that generally won't crap out on you. You may be able to get a decent PC/Laptop for 700 if you're lucky, but any lower than that and they might not be able to handle your art.

My Desktop is a custom built rig that I put together myself, meaning I can upgrade it and change components as I find better parts and have the appropriate money.. However, I'm not sure if you're willing to go through the time and effort into building a computer, since it takes quite a bit of research and patience and you sound like you need a good PC ASAP.

When it comes to getting the right computer for artistic needs, pay attention to the following specs:
- You need one with a great processor (so it can stand heavier images without lag), Intel Core i5/i7/i9 would be pretty good. My desktop uses i5 Quadcore processor. Make sure it comes equipped with a good cooling fan.
- Get a computer with greater RAM. 4-6 GB would be good, but if you can go any higher, it will be able to handle more things running at once.
- Get one with a good graphics card. I currently use ATI Radeon HD 4600 but certain NVidia ones are known to be decent too.

You don't have to worry too much about storage space, if you can get yourself an external hard drive/USB drive to store all your files. Worry about the functionality of the core system first.

Keep in mind that all brands have some drawbacks.. it just depends on the details of the product you are buying. I can probably recommend brands like Sony, HP, and Compaq for laptops though.

If you need any specific help.. feel free to hit me up on AIM anytime, or email me. I'll be glad to assist you.

You're the best. Thanks for all the info. Some of the things you said, someone else has also stated to me over a phone I'll really have to keep those in mind whenever I'm ready to purchase a notebook PC.

Right now, my laptop is magically running again, but I can't be too sure when it'll give out for good on Cintiq. I've always been really interested in tablet PC though, so I think maybe I should save up to purchase one someday. Cintiq is great, but it's not tablet PC should come in handy.

Thanks! I'll defiantely ask you for more advice once I feel ready.

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