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Wish me Luck.

Thanks to everyone for giving me some advice on laptops. Right now my Cintiq/laptop is working again, but I still find myself encoutering some weird problems. Since money is really tight for me I'm going to keep working with these until I seriously need to buy myself a new PC.

I really, really hope my Cintiq is okay, and it's just the laptop...

Anyway, I got myself in another weird, messy situation that's been giving me a tight knot in my guts. I have to go back to Okinawa again until end of March, which is also a month that everything is due:

March 4th: Group project: fully colored 9+ illustration
March 11th: Fishbones comic, first 7 pages
March 25th: Freelance work
March 30th: First chapter of Gorge comic.

I haven't been able to start on the comics or the freelance work until I finish up the batch of illustrations due on the 4th, but I'm going to try and take my Cintiq,laptop, and scanner with me to Japan. I just hope they'll work when I'm there...

Please wish me luck, people who's wishes actually come true!

***By the way, does anyone know of a good way to carry scanner & Cintiq with you as check in? I can't really carry all three items with me as carry in, so I'm going to have to only take my laptop with me. I'm just worried someone will steal or break them if they are left in Check In luggage.

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GOOD LUCK! I rest my eyes with internet, too.

Well, I guess if you have to pack that stuff in checked luggage, the best way is to cushion them in the middle of lots of clothes? That should work fine, at least for the Cintiq - I left my scanner at home this time. D:

I'd find out what the max of the carry on luggage size is and get a bag or mini suitcase that size to fit the laptop and Cintiq in. I'd be too afraid to let my Cintiq go through check in luggage. But if you have to put it in the checked luggage wrap it in clothes and as much soft stuff as you can. Or pack it up and mail it ahead of you?

I carried my PS2 and wacom with me when I flew to Japan... I packed them in a rolling carry-on, and wrapped some clothes around them to be safe. You might want to wait until you're through security to wrap the stuff up, though, since they'll probably want to see everything....

Rob did the same with his Xbox.

Of course there wasn't much room left for clothes... so I had a second checked bag with clothes that I takyubinned.

good luck! i hope things look up for you, your art is amazing. (i know i always say this, but i really mean it)

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