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AET & Note for Jisuk and Emily
So, I'm back in Okinawa and the reason I had to go immediately was to attend another interview for English teaching in Japanese school. I've already done one interview in Naha (& another randome one at dental clinic), and this one had more promise since Naha has highest competition rate in Okinawa.

The second interview I had was at Itoman, and they tested me with mock teaching session which later went onto an actual interview. I heard there were 12 others who went before me who were all well experienced teachers so I honestly had little hope of getting this one. However, right after the interview one of the teacher told me I did a lot better than the previous group and was surprised I didn't have any experience.

A day after that, I got a call from Naha saying that I got into the AET position, which was a huge surprise since my family and I assumed I failed it again. Right after that I got a call from Itoman, who also accepted me. Even though I told Itoman that I'll be going to work in Naha, they called me again on the same day and, get this, pretty much BEGGED me to work for them.

"You did 10 times better than anyone else on the interview, and one of the teacher said you are an ore that we'd like to polish up! We would love to have you work with us OMG."

I never, eeeever had anything like this happen to me before, let alone be begged. It tore me apart but by the next day, I had to decline their offer once again for Naha. Even though I would love to work for Itoman, Naha has:

High competition: who knows when I can get in again.
Higher Pay (sort of, not really if you count the hours).
It's where I live, so I don't have to worry about transportation too much.

Itoman is 20~40 minutes away, plus I have to work more days there than Naha. It's not much, but since I already have to do two webcomics at once, I need all the time I can get.

Speaking of Webcomics:

Jisuk - I'm slowly inking the remaining 6 pages. I might not get to finish all 7 pages on time, but I should be able to keep up with the update schedule...somehow.

Emily - Let's upload one page at a time. I don't see myself being able to finish an entire chapter by end of March, but it would be best if we start from Page One, and then upload Page Two, and go biweekly so I can try to catch up.

Sorry guys. It's been really busy for me here but I'm trying my best to work on your comic as planned. I won't be online as much as I used to so please email me if you have something to say; don't assume you can catch me on AIM.


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Are you just going to stay? Or do you have an official move date?

We still haven't been to Okinawa. Maybe we can see you when we finally go!!

Thank you! I also followed your advice and carried all my PC stuff on a rollie bag. It was heavy, but it worked great.

Also they don't provide you with any rooming, since you have to be a resident of Okinawa. I'm just lucky I already have a home here.

Most of all, I'm glad to see you guys were okay from the earthquake. Please come visit Okinawa any time. It's very peaceful here.

So exciting. Congrats! What are you going to be doing?

by the way I got your email, it was so nice to hear from you. I've been way too lazy to respond. yeah i suck.

It's okay, I get very lazy with emails too. I'm just happy you wrote to me!

And thank you! I'm really not sure what I will be doing till I start, but I'm very excited. Basically, I just have to help the actual English teacher teach...English, I guess?

congratulations! yay job!

Thank you, and how are you doing? I know your birthday is coming soon, so I want to wish you a great one. Happy Birthday, Cheryn!

heeeee, thankya thankya. I'm doing pretty okay.... but I don't have any money... so that is lame... OH WELL TOO BAD SUCK IT UP CHERYN ^_^

Oh, congratulations, that's great! \o/ I hope Naha works out great for you!

Also I would like to read ALL YOUR COMICS so whenever they are posted may I please have a link?

Thank you! Also the links to our comics are:

I hope you'll like them!

(Deleted comment)

Good luck on your interview ; ;

That's fantastic, well done! I felt this had to happen sooner or later. I couldn't believe it didn't work out before.

So pleased for you, hope it all goes well ♥ Are you starting soon?

Thank you, I couldn't believe it either! It felt like all my bad luck just decided to blow up into the most beautiful firework show I've ever seen...[/twinkles]

I will be starting in mid April, and I am kinda nervous. Thank you so much again, Danars!

Not at all, sir! Take care of yourself out there. Luckily in Okinawa you're pretty far removed from all the mainland drama. Which broke my heart; I'm going collecting for Japan Red Cross on Saturday in my home town and having a Sushi sale in college next week. I'm wrecked from checking the news 24 hours a day, even in my sleep I've been reading the latest Tweets from people I know near Tokyo on my iTouch.

Anyway I'm sure it'll go very well! I'm hoping to move to Fukuoka sometime in July after I've graduated but it depends how this whole situation pans out. I might end up doing an MA in London instead.

Oh my god, congrats Yuki! I'm so proud of you, this is really awesome! Thanks for continuing to work so hard -- it really means a lot. I'm really so excited for you right now. Way to go!

Thank you! I', really hoping I can balance out all these work throughout this year. I will be needing a lot of help from you, so I'll thank you ahead of time.

Thanks, Ji!

Of course! Also you may be happy to know we raised $120 for Japan with your wallpaper. I think that's the last of the donations so I'm going to go ahead and donate it. If we get any more I'll just send it to you so you can use it as you see fit.

omg you are so cool <3 I hope your new job will be worth it!

I'm sue it'll be worth it! I'm going to try my best to be the world's awesomest AET or whatever it is...

Thanks, Celly!

i am so happy for you :D!

Thanks, I'm happy too! Mostly freaked...but thanks again for your comments!

Hey! I know Okinawa isn't where all the big shit happened but please get in touch, I'm worried! Love you <3

Thanks, but Okinawa has been safe. We're all fine!

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