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Donation to Japan
Jisuk and I have put together a donation wallpaper. If you're a fan of Fishbones, or a fan of saving lives, please donate to Japanese Red Cross:

I heard that American Red Cross and Nippon Unicef are not to be trusted, since both seem to spend their money poorly. Nippon Unicef also has no mention of sending their donation to Japan on their website.

I even saw people talking about making paper cranes to ship to Japan, but please don't bother with that. Your thoughts are appreciated, but they will only get in the way of necessary supplies being sent there.

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Done and done.

I forgot to specify my resolution oops but it's 1280x800. Not a big deal though, I care more that the money goes where it should.

Thanks, I'm glad you did that. Thank you very much.

I'm sorry about the size, though. I only made one size since a lot of people seem to have different screen resolution, depending on their PC/Mac models. Ji said she made a bigger size though, so I'm sure you can still ask?

i was wondering if japan red cross was to be more trusted over the american red cross. i did not want to give my cash to them!

Well one guy said the source of the rumor lacks any fact, but hey, why not trust a place that has no bad rumors and tells you where they are sending their cash to, right?

Thank you very much!

of course! i would think giving it straight to japan red cross would make more sense


*hugs* Glad you're safe. ♥

Thank you, Hokuton! I'm also glad Okinawa is safe so far.

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