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Webcomics Opened!
Yesterday, a webcomic I'm doing with Bittermause have finally opened. Please come and visit!

We can only update twice, biweekly, so I'm sorry for the slow start. However I'll try my best to keep getting better at this and try to catch up with each update.

Another comic that has already started in early March is:

This one, we update twice a week, and as many of you already know, Jisuk Cho is the original creator of the story.

I hope both comics will end up getting a lot of readers in the future. I'm looking forward to see how I can improve on both comics. Thank you everyone for helping us get the word ot there through twitter and links!

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i love your stylllle these comics so far are gorgeous!

Thanks, I'm happy you like my style. It's not as unique as yours, though!

How in the world are you doing two comics at once!? You don't happen to have a clone or a basement slave doing the minion work, do you? D:

Don't be silly, we don't have basements here. We keep them under our tables.

Hooray comics! \o/ *FOLLOWS HAPPILY*

Thank you, I hope you'll enjoy them.

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