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I've been really busy since my job started about two weeks ago. So far, my schedule is pretty much like this:

6:00AM: Wake up, eat fast and go to school.
3:15PM: Come home, pour some coffee, and work on comic till 1AM and go to bed. I don't eat dinner anymore since it takes away a lot of my time drawing (and I need to lose weight).
Repeat /(^q^)\

I didn't really get much time to do what I wanted/needed during weekends because of unexpected events/family pulling me around to go clean out family grave, etc., but it's been very fun! In Reno I never had anything happening in my life, but suddenly I have a lot of things to work on that keeps me busy and active. I do admit that I only get few hours of sleep everyday and working with kids tires me out very, veeery much, but I hope my body will get used to it.

Yesterday after school, one of my school (I work at two schools) held a welcoming party for me. Everyone has been super nice, and all the teachers has been supportive. Also on May 3rd, I was told to attend a PTA event where we ride on ...harley boats? I don't really know what it's called, but it should be fun.

Oh, also I can Skype now! Please catch me anytime when I'm online, but I can only talk with mic now. Whenever I'm online, I'm usually drawing, so I need two hands to ink my pages. Sorry...

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are you on the Facebooks???

Sorry, but no. I don't like FB much...

what's the best way to reach you when we end up in Okinawa? e-mail? cellphone mail?

Yeah! My email is spinzoa(at)

When are you guys coming? Once I get your email, I can give you my cellphone mail.

Don't know when we're coming yet, we want to plan a trip down there this year. :) My email is threadgill(at)!

... wow, that is terrifically busy. D: And makes me want to come over and make you eat dinner! I WILL MAKE SOMETHING YOU CAN EAT REALLY FAST.

It's not bad at all! I'm just bad at time management...and I do get lazy. Yeah, I seriously wish you will cook me dinner. I'm a terrible cook.

welllll what's your skype?

things sound good. i'm happy for you! you deserve good things. please eat dinner.

Thanks, Maria! my skype name is same as my gmail address, minus the "". Catch me anytime!

Crap, I can't find your email address (my address book has gotten out of control with all these job apps). Add me? Mine is garlicfresh. I often forget to go on skype but since I want to practice Chinese with people lately I try to go on more.

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