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Geez, that sucks, Yuki.
Since I was away from Reno, tons of projects have been piling up and I was really looking forward to working on them. But once I came home to Reno, I've been colliding into one problem after another in regards to PC and internet, both I need sooo badly to keep in touch with people I work with and to draw whatever they need from me.

Today it was my own laptop that I need very badly to work on art, that decided to give me more issues. I was inking the first page of Fishbones on my Cintiq and then suddenly, the screen goes insane. After calling the customer service that didn't help me at all and plugging it into family PC, I realized it was my laptop that was having some display issues (I hope. Cintiq is insanly expensive).

So now I'm considering getting another laptop that's not too costly, but can work well with graphic artist, except I know nothing about PC. Absolutely nothing. If I had enough space in my room I would rather go for desktop PCs, but I really don't have much choice except to go with laptops.

Except I have no idea what I need to look for in a laptop when it comes to drawing on them. ...any tips or suggestion, anyone? Anyone?

Aside from all these I also have other issues going on at the back that's slowly eating away at my patience. I might have to leave for Okinawa again, but I don't know. I feel so jittery and I can't really think straight right now. (But my composure is still beautifully Zen as I flip some tables over in silent anger)