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I've been really busy since my job started about two weeks ago. So far, my schedule is pretty much like this:

6:00AM: Wake up, eat fast and go to school.
3:15PM: Come home, pour some coffee, and work on comic till 1AM and go to bed. I don't eat dinner anymore since it takes away a lot of my time drawing (and I need to lose weight).
Repeat /(^q^)\

I didn't really get much time to do what I wanted/needed during weekends because of unexpected events/family pulling me around to go clean out family grave, etc., but it's been very fun! In Reno I never had anything happening in my life, but suddenly I have a lot of things to work on that keeps me busy and active. I do admit that I only get few hours of sleep everyday and working with kids tires me out very, veeery much, but I hope my body will get used to it.

Yesterday after school, one of my school (I work at two schools) held a welcoming party for me. Everyone has been super nice, and all the teachers has been supportive. Also on May 3rd, I was told to attend a PTA event where we ride on ...harley boats? I don't really know what it's called, but it should be fun.

Oh, also I can Skype now! Please catch me anytime when I'm online, but I can only talk with mic now. Whenever I'm online, I'm usually drawing, so I need two hands to ink my pages. Sorry...